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from march 29th to 31st, the much-anticipated verde.tec 2024 officially opens at the mediterranean exhibition center (mec). sunket showed up at booth c12 with new agri pv modules,  heavyweight n-type series pv modules, a full range of energy storage products, integrated photovoltaic and storage folding power generation cabins and leading solutions with its efficient and robust product quality, it won on-site customers highly recognized, and also demonstrated leading photovoltaic technology and brand strength to the european market.

the verde.tec 2024
sunket's booth was very popular, attracting many professional customers to stop to watch and consult product details and co-operation, sunket's professional sales and technical team enthusiastically engaged in business negotiations and technical exchanges with these customers, and the atmosphere of on-site exchanges was lively and extraordinary.


此次展会萨科特为大家带来的n型组件颇受欢迎,其中农光互补组件在保留n型组件双面率高、弱光效应好、温度系数低等优势的基础上采用浮法玻璃,透明度更高。彩色组件采用700℃ 高温彩釉玻璃,耐候性更好,ctm值更高,9大色彩可自由选择,结合n型组件双面率高、弱光效应好、温度系数低等优势特性,兼顾高效与建筑美学,完美契合当前市场差异化诉求。

the n-type modules brought by sunket at this exhibition were very popular, among which the agri pv modules, which adopts float glass on the basis of retaining the advantages of the n-type module, such as high double-sided rate, good low-light effect, low temperature coefficient, etc., with a higher degree of transparency. the colored pv module adopts 700℃ high-temperature coloured glaze glass, which has better weather resistance, higher ctm value, and 9 colours can be freely chosen, combining the advantages of n-type module such as high double-sided rate, good weak light effect, low temperature coefficient, etc., and taking into account the high efficiency and aesthetics of the building, which is a perfect match for the current market differentiation demands.


the verde.tec 2024
the household energy storage system launched by sunket is still stable. on the basis of high performance and efficiency, it can be easily integrated into the home decoration environment through excellent industrial aesthetic design. there is an intelligent bms battery management system to improve battery utilization, prevent excessive charging and discharging of the battery, and extend battery life. it also has wireless bluetooth communication function, allowing users to monitor the operating status of the product on their mobile phones, effectively solving the problem of difficult local energy supply.


in addition, at this exhibition, sunket also exhibited a movable folding integrated solar and firewood power generation cabin. this product adopts a modular design, has stronger environmental adaptability, and is quick and easy to install. the advantage of the foldable power generation cabin is its foldable design, which allows it to be folded up when not in use, taking up less space and making it easy to transport. 

the verde.tec 2024
the exhibition will last from march 29th to 31st. welcome to booth c12 of mediterranean exhibition centre (mec) to learn more about sunket new energy’s leading product solutions. we are waiting for everyone to check in!

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